Paris New Look will accept fashion and accessory items that are in style, present cleanliness & quality, and are like new. All consignments can be held for up to 90-days or less, and will be paid out on the 15th of each month. It is the Consignor’s responsibility to make an appointment with the store Director to drop of items for consideration.

Selling Price:

The Store Director establishes the selling price. The Consignor will receive 50% of the estimated selling price upon sale of the items and paid out on the 15th of each month.

Consignment Policy 2015

Option #1:

  • Store credit negotiated by Store Director for slightly used clothing towards an in-store purchase.

Option #2:

  • We hold high-end fashion for 60-days; upon sale, we share the sale with you at 50/50 or if there is no sale, we return your item to you.
  • After 30-days cost will incur 20% off if not sold.
  • Anything left after 60-days that was not picked up will be donated to Goodwill.
  • All sales of slightly used clothing are final; NO RETURNS
  • Please refer to the first paragraph for acceptable and non-acceptable Clothing / Fashion